Thursday, November 12, 2009

Party Inspiration - got milk? Chocolate

Sometimes the littlest things can be the biggest inspiration for your next party. Last weekend I attended the rather lackluster Fabulous Food Festival in San Francisco. After perusing aisles of the usual olive oils and sauces (each requiring a taste, of course!) I had resigned myself to disappointment until I stumbled onto the Bridge Brands Chocolate booth. There I found sippable sweets in the form of these got milk? Chocolate Flavored Straws. Each straw is filled with tiny balls of cocoa that turn your daily dose of calcium into chocolatey goodness as you drink.

What's the big idea, you say? These straws are just perfect for kids. One look at them and I knew I had to start planning a cookies & milk party for kids and adults alike. In the meantime, I'll be stuffing a few lucky stockings with these this year. Happy sipping!

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