Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Future (of paint) Is Here

Now this is what I've been waiting for!! The other day I was pondering one of my favorite things: place cards (naturally...don't we all sit around thinking about place cards? no?). I'd seen some lovely ceramic ones while on a wine country trip. You could write on them with dry-erase markers, which made them pleasantly reusable. However, their grapevine theme wasn't versatile enough to fit all of my entertaining needs. What a shame, I thought, that everything can't be dry erase! But it seems I spoke too soon. I'm happy to say I've discovered Idea Paint, a miraculous new product that turns anything you can paint into a dry-erase surface. Aside from my obvious need for an entire wall of dry-erase paint to play with, think of the possibilities! Using this I could make reusable name cards out of anything, paint a square on the outside of the cups my guests drink from, write birthday messages on a wall at a child's birthday party, even paint re-giftable label areas on beautiful boxes for my holiday gift wrapping. Thank you, Idea Paint, you truly made my day.

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