Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby, It's Gold Outside

If you're looking to branch out from your usual pine-and-poinsettia style this year, metallics add a touch of sparkle to your holiday decor. I am often attracted to silver to compliment my winter whites, but this year I'm loving the glitz and glam of gold. Incorporate gold and brassy tones into your table, your mantel, or even your presents and revel in a rich, warm holiday season. Below is a small sampling of the bling I love.

Up top: Found via, Blue Leaves' branch cutlery (contact for retailers).

I covet this tray by Geneviève Lethu which comes in silver and copper, as well. Each one is so color-perfect I'd be hard pressed to name a favorite. (Geneviève Lethu, 312-423-9948)

Jamali Garden's retro mirror ball ornaments ($8.99 for a set of 4, Light up their gold glitter pillar candles (below). Or how about gold glitter tea lights?

Shine on!

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