Monday, December 14, 2009

Enter the Bizarre: Notes from the Bazaar Bizarre Art & Craft Fair

Come one, come all! Outrageous art and clever crafts abound at the Bazaar Bizarre. I went under the big top (and inside a few buildings) this weekend to comb through handmade handiwork and inspired goodness galore.

Bazaar Bizarre began in 2001 as a DIY experiment in the Boston-area where a motley crew of folks got together to sell their wares and stage an entertainment event that's a little out of the ordinary. From there it took wing to Los Angeles, Cleveland and San Francisco. Host-It Notes dropped in on the San Francisco edition where we noshed on sushi and enjoyed two live DJs, while I personally spent far too much money on irresistible items... And now for your viewing pleasure, the creme de la creme of the show! I'll continue my coverage throughout the week—there's far too much to digest in one post.

Under the tent outside was a hardy crew of crafters who braved the rain and hail to hawk their goods. I'll give a nod to Rita at Mochi Studios for her cute little felted gnomes. They come in four designs, one for each season, like Mr. Winter here. While the gnomes aren't listed on the Mochi Studios site, you can email for more details or to purchase a gnome for your home (they were selling for $24 or 2 for $45 at the fair). While you're there check out her Pea Pod Patch plush toys. What a cute idea for a baby shower gift or decor!

Next up, acrylic doilies from Cindy Liu at Archicraft. These bad boys are a novel spin on your granny's old lace ones. Made from remnant pieces of acrylic, the doilies can take up to 180 degrees (F) of heat. I had to fight tooth and nail to get a look at this hot item at the fair, so imagine my dismay when I hopped online at home only to find they had a a mere handful of images on their site. And of the small, white version only! You'll have to take my word for it, readers, these were stunning. I saw small, large, neon, red, translucent cobalt blue, and a a chic black version I'm kicking myself for not buying—this photo just doesn't do her work justice. Never fear, I'll be trying to track the artist down for more pics to share.

What did I spend my money on, you ask? Among other things, I cleaned up at Chronicle Books' 30% off sale, picking up Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching Baby Bib Embroidery Kit for one lucky bun in the oven (not mine, of course) as well as her Craft Pad. Jenny herself assured me that even as a novice I'd soon be rocking hardcore stitchery, like her dagger-in-the-heart tattoo design.

I got a speedy reply from Cindy at Archicraft. For more pictures of the acrylic doilies, including colors and sizes like the ones I rave about above, check out her link of already sold items: Contact Archicraft via their Etsy shop if you see something you like.

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