Thursday, December 17, 2009

Enter the Bizarre (Part 4): 15% Off at Paper Pastries!!

More from the Bazaar Bizarre gallery of gifts!

Paper Pastries, a greeting card company out of Los Angeles, carries custom return address stamps that come in typed or hand-written text. Custom stamps are one of my favorite gifts for housewarmings or weddings. They celebrate a couple sharing a new last name and are a huge time saver if you have dozens of thank you cards to send. And how charming is this little blue and white cake stand Paper Pastries displayed their stamps on?

For your custom stamp you can choose from the fonts above and below or submit your own. You can even add a small graphic by special request.

To sweeten the deal, Margaret at Paper Pastries is offering 15% off for Host-It Notes Readers! Just type the code "eggnog" upon checkout and you'll receive 15% off your entire order—including their delicious array of stationery and these inspired little pencil packs:

The Know-It-All Pencil Set comes imprinted with facts like "PI IS 3.14159265358979323846" and "I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C" for the smarty-pants (or teacher) in your life ($10).

Finally, for my DIY readers: Click over to the Paper Pastries blog for their Wrapping It Up post on how to make holiday cards using leftover wrapping paper. Now get crafting!

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