Thursday, December 3, 2009

Go Ahead, Have a Fling this Christmas

Whether she's preparing the food, welcoming friends, or making sure everyone's glass is full, no busy hostess likes to have her groove interrupted by a well-intentioned guest wondering where the recycling goes. Save yourself time and let the question answer itself with these patently obvious pop-up recycling bins from Flings. Flings save space by flattening until you are ready to use them and are completely recyclable. Come party time they pop up to let you spare the environment but skip the bulky trash can or not so party-perfect recycling bin.

I like the recycling design above—guests can't miss it—but this holiday wrap style is pretty cute too. Find them at ($15.99 for a 4-pack), or look for them in your local grocery store. These portable bins are super-handy for picnics and barbecues. Keep it clean, folks!

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