Sunday, January 24, 2010

Macaron Mania

Is it just me or are macarons having a moment? The delightful little pastries, also know as French macaroons, are a merengue-based treat made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour and sugar. Traditional characteristics include a delicate, eggshell-like crust over fluffy pastry that is then filled with cream or butter, much like a sandwich cookie.

I had my first taste at the SF Wedding Fair at the Four Seasons, when E&O Trading Co, an Asian Grill in SF, offered me an amazing ginger-chocolate macaron. Ever since I've been craving more, and seeing them everywhere! You'll find they come in a rainbow of colors. In fact, do yourself a favor and watch this gorgeous parade of macarons at Chez Ladurée. France is clearly the place to imbibe in this pastry perfection—Chez Ladurée and Pierre Hermé being two of the top names in macaron-making. For a stateside bite, the picture at the top has me convinced that macarons from Paulette are the ones to try. If the flavor is even half as good as the look, I'm sold. (shown above: Carribean Chocolate)

If you're looking to make your own, this tutorial at Mercotte is honest and extremely well broken down. But be warned, making macarons requires diligence!

I leave you with a great drawing from Cakespy (the creation of one of my illustrators) of a cupcake besieged by colorful macarons. Sweet dreams!


  1. Okay, so I'm a bit behind on my post reading, but I was working backwards and just read this macaron one and thought of this for you:

    A whole cookbook dedicated to macarons!

    By the way I love the newest cakestand you put on today...I've been on a muffin making binge and feel like a need that one to display it! How about importing it from the UK and putting it up for the next contest??? :)

  2. Maracon update: I just discovered that Paulette has a store in SF!! I am happy to report I can back up my Paulette recommendation with first-hand knowledge. I tried the Caribbean Chocolate, Raspberry, and Coffee and they were all extremely tasty!! I'll be buying a box as my next hostess gift when I'm invited over. -Erin



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