Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poppin' Fresh Valentine's Day Treats

Call me indulgent, but I like a Valentine I can eat. And I love to bake. That's why I really like this heart-shaped pocket pie mold from Williams Sonoma. At $9.95 it seems like a great, affordable way to make consistently sized and shaped handheld pies. I'd package mine in wax paper with some ribbon or twine and top it with a rustic-looking gift tag. And it's perfect for the lazy baker (I say that fondly—don't we all like short-cuts?). Use store-bought rolled pie crust and pre-made filling and you can still say "I made's from the heart" (okay, that pun was terrible).

1 comment:

  1. Check it out! One of my readers bought the pie molds for herself and you can check out the results here:

    Looks like the heart really retains its shape! Thanks to Cheryl for sending pics!



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