Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Paul Guest Posts for Design*Sponge

One of the best things about finding a blog you like is the community you'll find there. Often a blog will have a blogroll on its sidebar. This is a list of blogs the author likes or follows. If you like the writer's aesthetic, chances are you might enjoy what's on their blogroll as well. It's like getting a good recommendation from a friend and one of the best ways to expand your own network.

I also love it when the sites I read have guest bloggers write for them. Guest posts bring new energy and expert knowledge to mix things up and can introduce you to something unexpected. One pleasing example is taking place on Design*Sponge this week. They invited food and prop stylist, crafter, blogger, and soon to be magazine mogul Paul Lowe to contribute a week's worth of winter-themed posts for Design*Sponge. Paul's first guest post is terrific, but even better, thanks to D*S, I've discovered Paul's own blog, Sweet Paul. Full of recipes, designs, and more, Paul's blog is delightful! Just check out these fantastic images from a story Paul styled for Redbook magazine. He filled 80 glass ornaments with feathers then hung them from the ceiling, and the effect is stunning. Photos by Ellen Silverman.

I can't wait to click through Sweet Paul's past posts to see more, and, of course, check out the links on his blogroll when I'm done. I may just find my next new favorite thing.

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