Monday, February 1, 2010

Bite-Sized Brilliance from Sibby's Cupcakery

I love party themes. From the invitations, to the colors, to the decorations on your cake (or cupcakes in this case) I love it when everything comes together. I don't mean matchy-matchy straight out of the box party sets. I mean carefully selected stationery, floral arrangements, and custom cupcakes. That, along with good company, is what makes a party really special!

When it comes to themed cupcakes, my new go-to bakery has got to be Sibby's Cupcakery. Alas, my non-Bay Area readers, this one's a tourist attraction for you as Sibby's doesn't ship their sweets. But locals, take note! Here's a photo gallery to inspire you, courtesy of Gina at Sibby's Cupcakery who graciously plied me with cupcakes and even gave me a frosting tutorial this week. Take it from me, their mini "Grandma's Chocolate Tea Cake" cupcakes are to die for!

First up, a gorgeous dozen devoted to Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Apparently Twilight-related parties are all the rage and the cupcake requests are pouring in. I can't blame them—not only did I suffer from mild Twilight obsession myself, but these cupcakes are so cute they make me want to throw a party in their honor!

Also from Sibby's:

Lovely Ladybugs

Two Peas In A Pod

They can do one pea as well (or three if triplets are expected!), and this is a super theme for a baby shower, especially if you want something gender neutral.

I'll be checking back with Gina and Sibby's each coming holiday to take a peek in their kitchen and see what's cooking. Pick up a dozen for yourself or let them inspire your own creations. Sibby's Cupcakery is located in San Mateo, CA. To order call (415) 613-4373 or email

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