Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boozy Baked Goods

Now being delivered to homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (what, no love for the Bronx?), these booze-soaked batches of bakery goodness are the brainchild of David Barrick at Butch Bakery—a man who was tired of pink, frilly cupcakes and thought it was time for this girly treat to "man up!" Soaked in alcohol, topped with patterns like camo and woodgrain, and given names like "Tail Gate" and "Beer Run," these cupcakes appeal to the dudes but remain sweet as ever, making them, as they put it, "Butch Meets Buttercream." Sampler boxes start at $16 for four (remember, they get delivered to your door!). Check it out at I know I'll be dialing up some the next time I'm in Manhattan.

Many thanks to my friend (and reader) Mari for pointing out these terrific cupcakes!

Photos by Carolyn Dobbe via

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