Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Budget Beauties

Just a few pretties to share with you today. I styled this look for a post over at Bay Area Bride Guide this week and can't help but show it here. All of the items on the table are my finds from unusual places like flea markets and hole-in-the-wall shops in Chinatown. The milk bottles were $1 each at a local flea market. The tall vase in the back is actually a 99-cent placemat wrapped around a cocktail shaker I raised off the table. And the white vases on the right are sake servers I bought for just a few dollars at a restaurant supply store. All were topped with blooms I got for a steal at the San Francisco Flower Mart. Befriend a local florist and find out where she shops—if the market is open to the public at any point you can save a bundle buying directly from the source.

I hope these inspire you the next time you set the table. Several short items and single flowers can make a bigger impact than a traditional, spendy bouquet. Hit up your local restaurant supply stores and flea markets and get creative. Then send me the pics to share, of course!

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