Thursday, February 25, 2010

Curiosity Killed My Cash: Browsing The Curiosity Shoppe

Being naturally nosy, I just clicked over to The Curiosity Shoppe to see what goodies they had in store. It's a quirky site full of home and office goods, accessories, and craft kits to help you get your own projects started. My personal favorite are these porcelain dishes made to look like brightly colored take-out boxes. This designer take on doggy-bag-style from Brooklyn artist Lorena Barrezueta is tempting me to empty my pockets in order to get my hands on a set.

Up top: Nosh ($45), Directly Above: Double Dip ($45)

Other honorable mentions?

These super cute apple jackets by artist Jacqueline Dufresne ($20). I'm not sure if this knitted cozy keeps your apple from bruising, but I certainly admire this fashionable fruit.

5 Porcelain Keys — I'm not sure what I'd do with them (use them in a table-setting, create a mobile or chandelier, or simply hang them for well decor?) but I think they're awfully neat.

Check out more for yourself at the Curiosity Shoppe online.

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