Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Centerpieces

If you are planning on entertaining at home this Valentine's Day, it is time to start dreaming up a look for your table. I'm feeling less than enthused about the always-anticipated red roses and pinks. Instead, here are a few simple, romantic centerpiece ideas to inspire you. If you have favorites of your own please share!

This tablescape by designer Annie Selke is made from blossoms and mismatched stemware. I found it on Rachael Ray online, where she has a surprisingly expansive collection of centerpiece ideas. Check out these centerpiece slideshows.

Via InStyle Weddings: tall glass cylinders are filled with water and submerged flowers or branches {photo by Charles Schiller, via}.

Want something that really conveys the holiday but still a little out of the ordinary? Place a vase within a larger glass cylinder of approximately the same height. Fill the inner vase with flowers, and pour jumbo Conversation Hearts in the space between the two vases. Martha Stewart online executes this perfectly as seen here:

Or skip the flowers all together: Take a large shallow bowl or tray and place a few white pillar candles of varying heights in it. Surround them with a bed of Conversation Hearts instead of traditional pebbles. Candles in a bed of rose petals are also particularly romantic.

I'd love to see what you come up with. Send pictures of your own creations to and I'll share them on the site!

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