Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ceramics to Give a Ship About

Lots of dot pitcher (above, front center $35)

I'm always tormented when I find something I love online from a company based in another country. The shipping adds such a huge cost on top of the product itself. For me it all comes down to the economic value of the item's attractiveness. (I subject my long-suffering friends to this whenever we go clothes shopping. It's not "How does this look?" it's "What's the monetary value of its cuteness?")

Birds and Bunting Cream and Sugar Set (above, $75)

One artist who has me convinced that no price is too much to pay for shipping on wonderful ceramics is Ninainvorm. I found Nina van de Goor, who works out of The Netherlands, and her amazing pieces on Esty. The bright colors, whimsical designs, and the mix of new and old are so fresh and fun I can't resist! Nina works with both new ceramics and old pieces she up-cycles into new and inventive pieces. Check out her banners, her dots, and her bold colors. They're good enough to eat! Or at least eat off of....

The Spirograph Turns Mandala Bowl (below, $65)

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