Thursday, March 4, 2010

Revamp Your Recyclables

Now this I like! Lately each time I put a nice jar in the recycling bin (jars that used to hold, say, olives, spaghetti sauce or jam) I pause and think to myself "Why aren't I keeping this?" Then I look at the ugly lid and toss it. I can so easily imagine my jar-hoarding spiraling out of control—with unsightly lids roaming our house like the mason jar tops that already spin across my counters like tumbleweeds (apparently I need a jar lid drawer...).

Kelly Wilkinson of Make Grow Gather has come up with a quick yet attractive way to easily dress up the lids on repurposed jars. She mixes and matches strips of Japanese washi paper tape to create unique patterned tops for her containers. What a simple idea! And think of all the trips to the recycling bin it'll save me...

Check out Kelly's post, which can be found at Heart Handmade, for helpful tips on giving your lids a clean finish for the best possible look. Feeling the love for Japanese paper tape? Check out this cute party idea over at Project Wedding. Enjoy!

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