Monday, March 1, 2010

Southern Sweets from Pralines by Yvonne

My sweet tooth has been in overdrive lately, so imagine my satisfaction when I came across a table brimming with mini pecan pies, sweet potato pies, pecan pralines, red velvet cupcakes and more at sfǀnoir's Wine & Food Gala this weekend. The creator of this sweet spread? Yvonne Hines, a baker and Bay Area native who is whipping up delightful Southern-style cakes and cookies just the way she likes them.

Take her Pecan Pralines for example—the Southern candy confection made with butter, sugar, milk and pecans is her signature sweet. My personal favorite is her "Old School" Butter Cookie, a retro style treat based on the cookie recipe used at her school cafeteria growing up. Yvonne's authentic flavors and family recipes add a touch of nostalgia to her desserts.

At an event where I was already stuffed to the gills and limiting the portions I ate of each dish, Yvonne's desserts were the one thing I ate every crumb of. Her pecan pie has just the right amount of sweet with an incredibly layered flavor. Her Red Velvet cupcakes are moist little cakes with just a touch of frosting.

These tiny treats only made me want more. I'll be heading to her bakery as soon as I can to see what's in store. I hear Yvonne makes buttery pound cakes, carrot cake, Banana Pudding, cobbler, German chocolate cake, and even something called "Mama's 7-Up Cake"—all of which are just begging for me to take a bite.

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