Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Giveaway: Happy Animal Time

Correspondence is the cornerstone of every good hostess. From invitations, to thank you cards, to notes that simply say "I'm thinking about you," keeping in touch is key. As much as I love email, putting the occasional card in the mail is an easy way to go the extra mile. (Host-It Notes Tip: buy a pack of postcard stamps and pre-stamp a batch of postcards for later use. This makes it easier to get a note out on the spot the next time someone's on your mind—no more searching for stamps).

That's why for this week's Friday Giveaway I've picked up a charming collection of postcards called "Happy Animal Time." This pack of 30 postcards by Osaka-based artist/illustrator Junzo Terada is full of cute little animals doing sweet and quirky things.

Here the postcards are enjoying a little "Happy Animal Time" of their own—that furry blur is my kitty Kimya trying to bite them.

To enter the giveaway and win this postcard pack, become a Host-It Notes follower via Google Friend Connect (check the lower right of the homepage), or email me at Followers are automatically entered to win in each and every Friday Giveaway. The contest closes at midnight on Monday. Best of luck!

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