Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini Cupcake Magic

Check this out: It's like a waffle iron that makes miniature cupcakes! Perpetual Kid is selling this Mini Cupcake Maker for $29.95. I think I must get one...if only for the fact I've never made a mini cupcake before, and now I can make 7 at once. According to Perpetual Kid, it takes just 5 minutes to cook up a single batch. I'm already dreaming about mini carrot cakes, brownie bites, teensy muffins for brunch, and, of course, chocolate frosted mini cupcakes. Tiny and tasty!!

*** What's this? Mini Cupcake Maker, you're out of stock?! My cupcake need has been denied. Perhaps I'll take your arch rival, Mini Donut Maker home instead!

1 comment:

  1. yum! Though this feels one step up from an easy bake oven rofl... I am not sure if I need encouragement to make more cupcakes lol

    Kim @
    party inspiration



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