Monday, April 26, 2010

Paper Source Round-Up

The Paper Source is such a fun store, full of pretty paper, stamps and gifts. I've been loving their latest catalog, so here's a quick round-up of some of my favorite Paper Source Goodies. Above: Place Setting Placemats—a hand-drawn, disposable take on a fancy china setting (50 paper place mats for $21.95). Below: Chalkboard Placemats ($15.95 each, includes chalk and eraser).

Royal Crowns Kit—super cute pre-cut crowns for kids parties ($14.95 for 12 crowns).

Desk Embosser—I think embossed monograms are very elegant, but I never really thought that look was something I could achieve...until now. For $28.50 you can have a little embosser at your fingertips, and custom plates can be ordered separately that let you show off your initials, motto, return address and more.

PS also offers up this tasty-looking book on whoopie pies ($16.95).

Other favorites include their Cupcake Hole Punch, their Cake Hole Punch (both would make great birthday confetti!). It's all deliciously fun. Head to for more ideas.

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