Thursday, April 22, 2010

Real Party Inspiration: Star Wars

Real party awesomeness! Sarah and Thom DeGriselles threw a special Star Wars-themed birthday party for their kids, 4-year-old Luke and two-year old-Leona (Luke "Skywalker" pictured above). Sarah made all the kids Jedi cloaks out of brown felt. They served up Jabba Jello Jigglers, Wookie Cookies (chocolate chocolate-chip—add coconut to make them furry!), Han-burgers, Obi-Wan Kebabs, and Yoda Soda (green punch with Sprite). They even dipped pretzel sticks in colored melted chocolate to make "light sabers." But the best were these R2D2 cupcakes. All you need is a little food coloring, blue gel frosting, and an R2D2 for inspiration. Thom and Sarah even drew R2's signature pattern on each cupcake wrapper with a blue marker. Throw in a few inflatable light sabers and the kids and parents both had a blast!

Have you thrown a great party of your own? Have the pictures to prove it? Send your party pics and details to and show it off!

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