Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maker Faire Mania

I'm just back from Maker Faire, and I'm happily exhausted! There was so much to see, do, and eat! First off, let me express my undying love for fair foods, be they street- or State Fair-style snacks. Lemonade, corn dogs, elephant ears (has anyone else enjoyed this sugary treat from my childhood?)—I love it all. New York street fairs are big on crepes, but here at the Maker Faire it was all about the funnel cake.

I spent a long time in the Bazaar Bizarre, where I saw a lot of old and a little new. Highlights included Flimflammery: Art by Bill Robinson. Bill is a fabulous illustrator. His work is like Disney animation with a twist, back when Disney still embraced hand-illustrated cool. As a girl who grew up loving Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid I absolutely loved his work!

Just check out his Sock Monster (above). It's just the tip of the illustrated iceberg, so head to to see more. What did I pick up at the Bazaar Bizarre? Washi tape from The Tinted Mint, cupcake stationery from Motormouthpress, and adorable animal cards made by Fete with Flair. Fete with Flair has a tragically empty Etsy shop, but take a look at the cards below:

Maker Faire was great fun. Crafters, nerds, geeks, Ren Faire fanatics, steampunks, hippies, entrepreneurs and mad scientists all came together to share their Do-It-Yourself dreams. Head to to make it happen for you.

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