Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And Now For a Bit of Mad Genius...

Page 84 Design, aka. graphic designer Jag Nagra, has on display these absolutely, fabulously, tea-riffic invitations (yes, I punned that). They're for your Mad Tea Party, no-hats required, and they're simply to die for. I love the typography and the depth and pattern to what, at first glance, seem like simple silhouetted graphics.

This is food for thought, and I'll be keeping this fun design in mind for future parties. Most of all, I'm just glad to see that tea parties are truly cool again. As a long-time tea drinker I'm happy to see creative types prove that enjoying a good afternoon tea with friends can be hip, imaginative, and delicious. I'm going to steep a pot of tea and toast this lovely design.

{Found via Mint}

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