Monday, June 21, 2010

Table Toppers by MADE

Host-It Notes reader, Morgan, pointed out a terrific post over at MADE. Rather than sew yards of fabric or buy tablecloth after tablecloth to set a scene, blog author Dana keeps large squares of colorful fabric on hand to toss on atop a white or black tablecloth for a pop of color. These 45x45 or 60x60 inch squares provide all the coverage and design you desire without much hassle.

This of course forced me to admit my secret shame...I don't sew. But don't you think the same effect could be had with fabric squares and a bit of hem tape? That's right, I'll be taking the lazy man's way out...

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  1. omg, no-sew is my bff... just did a 9 yard fabric canopy tent over my stepson's bed with no sew rofl...

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration



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