Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At Least Someone Did It!

I had such big plans for when Futurama came back on the air. For those who don't watch the show, Futurama is a great Simpsons-esque adult cartoon set in the future, circa the year 3,000. It's popular with the geeks (read, my computer engineer husband), and is back on tv after a long cancellation.

For those who watch the show, you'll have to imagine my elaborate plans to create a Muddy-Buddy-like Bachelor Chow, serve up a limeade (and call it Slurm, naturally), and bake up some Futurama-themed cupcakes.

Unfortunately, I was out of town when the show debuted, and never got around to making my Futurama fiesta a reality. Instead I'll just admire this edible tribute to the show's best character, the cigar-smoking, booze-swilling robot with an attitude, Bender. Jackie from I Design, crafted this cake—my hat's off to you, Jackie!

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