Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bragging Rights: Show Off Your Collection

Some people collect baseball cards or antiques. I collect cake stands. Old ones, new ones, colored or clear, I love finding a unique cake stand that suits my style. I once had a proper collection of about 15—believe me, that's the limit you can store in a shoebox apartment in Manhattan—but a move to San Francisco resulted in a Fed Ex cake stand slaughter that wiped me out of all but a few.

As I grieved the loss of my carefully curated collection, my addiction only got worse, blossoming into a love for all serveware and table toppers. Now I'm picking up silver trays, aqua Ball jar vases, candelabra and more. But how often do you find a reason to break out a silver chafing dish or tea set? I hated to see my pretty pieces put away, which is why I invested the money and space to put my passion on display.

I purchased this bookcase from Ikea and finally found a home for my favorite things. No more boxed up vases or cupboards crowded with cake stands. I get to enjoy them every day. The bookshelf has become Host-It Notes headquarters, housing my favorite books on entertaining and cooking, giveaway prizes, and my camera gear.

What about you? How do you display your collections?

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