Wednesday, August 18, 2010

French Bistro Dishes From P.O.S.H

Don't you love these French bistro themed dishes? I found them over at P.O.S.H, a charming little shop. I'd pair them with dishtowels with a red stripe (I bought a set of those bad boys at IKEA recently), the silverware below, and serve up some tasty cassoulet. How do you say delicious in French? Get yours at P.O.S.H.


  1. OMG! The red silverware is too cute! I'm going to have to send this to my friend who is a grad student at UGA (colors black and red) She is going to love this!

    Great Blog!
    Found you from 20-something bloggers


  2. I love P.O.S.H. Are you in Chicago? I love that little shop, they're like a hostess-ing dream!

  3. No, I'm based in SF, but I'm dying to get out to Chicago to check out P.O.S.H. and go to Chicago's Renegade Craft Fair!

  4. I just went to P.O.S.H. today. Such a cute store! You should come check it out!



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