Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Better Work

My friend Morgan regularly sends me project ideas that involve sewing, but alas, it's a skill I lack. Until now! I just got back from Workshop SF's Rock N Roll Sewing class. It was my first time at Workshop, a joint that offers classes in hip crafts like DIY terrariums and screen printing. The Rock N Roll Sewing ladies put on some sweet tunes (think the sound track to Lost Boys) and taught us sewing machine basics, which we put to use making beer koozies. Naturally we needed to drink a few PBRs while we sewed so we'd have beer cans to slip into those koozies at the end of class.

The casual koozy

Now I'm not actually a beer koozy fan, but the skills we learned are versatile, and the basic pattern can be adapted to iPod cases, cell phone cases in more. More importantly, it was fun, great for beginners, and affordable. I recommend Workshop SF to any Bay Area readers looking to try their hand at sewing:

The classy koozy

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