Thursday, September 23, 2010

Conceal Those Unsightly Bags

I'm dying for Santa (a.k.a my husband) to bring me a sewing machine for Christmas this year. In the meantime I'm storing up all the fun projects I want to work on when I get my hands on one. Just added to the pile—makeovers for all the canvas totes I've collected over the years.

I like the green feeling I get when I take my own bags to the grocery store, and canvas totes are my catchall gym bags too. But I'm ready to give mine a new look. Design Sponge has a fun tutorial for creating pockets on the outside of your totes that mask any pesky advertisements and logos. I think I'll take it a step further and dye my bags before giving them pockets, for a more finished look. The ruffle's not for me, but the fabric flowers look fun! Check out the tutorial and more photos here.


  1. Perhaps you should direct Santa Adam to My mom bought my first sewing machine (a cheap Brother)for me from Costco over 10 years ago and it's been great.



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