Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Peacock Bridal Shower

Just prior to the bachelorette party this weekend, the bride was feted at a charming bridal shower at a European-style bakery in her hometown, where guests were served croissant sandwiches and petit fours. The shower colors were purple and turquoise (my apologies—the venue was perfect, but a bit dark for my camera's taste). To bring out these colors, the Maid-of-Honor used the occasional peacock feather for a splash of color and style. Peacock feathers are a great way to take a mixed bouquet to the next level.
As the bride opened her gifts, guests played bridal bingo to try to guess what she'd receive. I found this cute (and free!) printable bingo card here.
Favors included plantable seeded paper seen here on the welcome cards. The white cake above is actually paper embedded with flower seeds that grow when buried.
Finally, the bride and her bridesmaids wore peacock fascinators. The Maid-of-Honor got crafty with feathers, barrettes, and a glue gun to come up with these lovely pieces. It's the little touches like this that really bring a party together!

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