Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween House

I spent last week at the house of a friend who wanted to decorate for Halloween without spending a lot of money or doing anything too wild. We headed to Michaels to look for Martha Stewart's mice silhouettes. Much to our disappointment there were none to be found, which got us to thinking—why not make our own mice for a similar look? After picking up some thick black paper in poster board size we got to work back at home.

First, we pulled up Martha's product on the iPad to use her shapes to inspire us. Then we freehand stenciled some great little mice on plain computer paper. Some were more successful than others, but practice made perfect and each mouse turned out better than the last. Using our stencils, we traced the shapes in pencil onto the black paper and cut out the mice. Once we'd created a good stock of mice we let our minds wander to other shapes, making a cat, bats, and a tombstone and "poison" bottles we drew on with white chalk.

I love the look of our cutouts on the white exterior walls of her house, especially paired with the cobweb. Plus, our whole look cost us just a few dollars!

Interested in a look like this for your walls or windows? To save you time I traced some of our stencils once more and scanned them for you. Simply print, cut, and trace the shapes on black paper. Hang with glue dots or clear tape.

Download our stencils at the links below:

Mice 1 Mice 2 Mice 3 Bottle and Bat

What do you think? Would you like to see more downloads like this (or better!) at Host-It Notes? Happy Halloween!

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