Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

The Mad Scientist Experiment is complete! We had beakers, dry ice, a fog machine, black lights, test tubes and more! In these pre-party pictures you can see the basic setup. I used food coloring and water poured into rubber tubing that I twisted in and around beakers for the main display, along with the skeleton behind it.

I wanted a bit of a laboratory look so I brought in a rolling white board on which I wrote graphs, complex equations, and chemical formulas that I found online. It's tough to see from this angle, but the fake chemical formula at the top of the board below spells out "Happy Halloween." Plus, I found a terrific Skeletal System poster at a local art store for even more science goodness.

I think the glow sticks were my favorite touch. Glow sticks in the beer bucket gave them a chilling glow once it got dark. One within the box holding the beakers (which were used to drink shots) shone through with an eerie glow, and one beneath a plate of cupcakes achieved a similar look—not that the eyeball and lightning cupcakes from Sibby's Cupcakery needed more style! We also had glowing straws to drink through and tiny glow sticks to light up drinks.

Dry ice gave the food a nice ghoulish look. Tables were set with "blood-spattered" white sheets.

A plasma lamp is always fun.

Friends wore festive costumes...

And my Thing in a Jar got even more disgusting once submerged in a water and Coca-Cola mixture. Ick.

It was a great night and a lot of fun to pull off. What about you? Any big party plans this Halloween?

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  1. Sorry we missed it! I was crazy at work, and Paul, well, he's just crazy. Imnsure everybody had a fantastic time. Looks absolutely diabolical!



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