Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Host-It Notes Has Big Halloween Plans

Wondering what Host-It Notes has planned for Halloween? I'm working on a Mad Scientist themed party. Here's a first look at what to expect—and to inspire you to host a mad scientist party of your own! The party is this Friday, so check back Saturday for pictures. Now, go forth and party!

Host-It Notes Mad Scientist Party


Black chandeliers, black lights, and cobwebs are a must. To keep the science theme going I'll be printing off lab safety signs with warnings like "Caution, Radioactive." You can find those here. Glowsticks under food presentations or as drink stirrers will add a bit of "radioactive" glow. A plasma lamp will tap into the electricity behind most of the mad scientist tales you know. My fake skeleton is ready for hanging and the projector is poised to play movies on the back wall. Queue up Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein for the night.


While the cocktails themselves haven't been finalized, I do know that I'll be serving up drinks in some authentic beakers. Whatever we're drinking, it'll definitely include Crystal Head Vodka, if only for the skull! Cocktail glasses will be rimmed with Pop Rocks to make a mini "chemical reaction" in your mouth. This ain't no kids party, so we'll be serving up shots as well—in test tubes of course! If you're throwing a kids party you can fill those test tubes with candy instead.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg—if I have my way there will be dry ice, a fog machine, eyeball cupcakes and more. Plus, I got some great tips from Greg Jenkins at Bravo Productions who suggested putting together creepy decor like canning jars full of real chicken feet or cow brains! Check back on Saturday for the full report.

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