Thursday, October 28, 2010

Science Experiment Cocktails

With my mad scientist party coming up, it's time to get serious about drinks. I looked to for inspiration and found this list of useful bar tips by Mark Addison that are perfect for my event. Find these party tips plus a slideshow here at

Expert Mad Scientist Bar Tips

• Lab Table – use a rectangular counter height bar with industrial look and feel or drape a dining table with layered gauze.
• Lab Equipment – replace pitchers and squirt bottles with beakers and glass jars.
• Frozen Specimens – Freeze faux body parts and plastic tubing in blocks of ice to pour drinks through to give them a real chill!
• Hollywood-style special effects – gelatin covers for drinks that look like skin, dry ice and/or smoke machines create a spooky mood, battery operated lights give containers an ominous glow.
• Ghoulish Garnishes – replace standard garnishes with gross-out alternatives (ie. onion eyeballs and finger sticks).
• Secret Potions – mystery mixtures of juices and mixers squirted into drinks by guests from squeeze bottles.
• Creepy Concoctions – Tru Blood Vampire 75, Chemical Cooler & Alien Secretion.
• "Finger" Foods – Chicken Fingers, Worm Salad, Eyeball soup, Brain Cheese.

Now to begin concocting my potions...

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