Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sorry Indiana Jones, It's Not a Real Crystal Skull...

Halloween isn't just for kids. Adults who want to get their spooky on can pick up a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka. The bottle is a replica of a human skull—perfect for your creepy (pub) crawling. While you're checking out where to buy it, watch their bizarre video starring Dan Akroyd, who channels his inner Ghostbuster for a video that's part educational, part superstition. Why so serious, Dan? Apparently, this bottle of vodka gives consumers a "touchstone and replica which allows, us if we wish, to connect to the message of the Crystal Head's purpose on Earth." This is deep vodka, people. It might put us in touch with "the idea of higher power sources" and lead us to a "less violent and more harmonious world." Seriously...Dan Akroyd told me.

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