Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top Gun Party!!!

Looking for a fun theme for your next party? Channel your inner Tom Cruise (or my personal favorite, Anthony Edwards) and fly into the danger zone with a kickin' Top Gun party. What are the keys to a great party based on this classic film? Naturally you'll play the Top Gun soundtrack in the background, and you'll ask guests to come dressed for the theme—but what else? Here are a few suggestions I came up with for a friend who was planning a Top Gun party to celebrate Fleet Week and to mark the departure of a colleague.

* Make signature cocktails with names like "The Maverick," "Goose," "Viper" or "Iceman." * Call the bar the "Hard Deck." * Provide sailor or pilot hats for guests to wear. * Set up a photo booth. Offer up a motorcycle jacket, a uniform shirt and hats for guests to wear in their photos. In a dream world you could use a motorcycle as a prop for photos, but that's probably over the top! * Stock up on mirrored aviator shades as favors. * Offer a selection of cigars with a sign that says, "Kick the Tires and Light the Fires." * Incorporate a few paper airplanes into the decor. You could label food with them or hang a few from the ceiling. * If the party is for a guest of honor—for a gift you can buy some sexy hard-sided luggage, preferably red, which make a cute centerpiece or focal point. * Serve up some American micro brews, plus easy-to-eat beef sliders and fries.

Our hostess took these ideas and ran with them. Party highlights included an ice sculpture of a girl with a pilot's cap, cocktails with names like "Iceman Lemonade" and "Goose Cobbler," and some delicious and adorable Top Gun-themed cupcakes. The all-American eats included corn dogs, potato salad, cornbread, and ribs.


  1. where can i get a set of hats like those next to the aviator shades?

    1. You can find this hat and lots of others online via Amazon.



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