Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent Calendar Inspiration

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we're on the brink of a favorite holiday tradition, the advent calendar. This year my girlfriends and I swapped names and put together 24-25 gifts for each other to be opened on the days leading up to Christmas. I've shipped mine off to my secret Santa recipient and I'm eagerly awaiting my own box of gifts. Whether it's a simple paper version or a collection of gifts, you still have time to create your own advent calendar for your loved ones. Here are a few ideas for what gifts to put in it (click to follow the links).

For Boys:

For Girls:

For Kids:

For Everyone: You can never go wrong with an edible gift. Look for unique jams or jellies, specialty crackers, tea, coffee, fine dark or flavored chocolates, trail mix or cookies — opt for homemade cookies or a little something special like dark chocolate dipped Oreos. Keep tabs on your recipient's favorite candies and be sure to include them in the calendar. Breath fresheners like gum or Listerine strips are always appreciated.

Practical gifts are also a must. A friend of mine used to love getting Q-tips and Band-aids in her advent calendar. Other practical gifts can include nail files, toothbrushes, body loofahs, pencils and pens. Do you have an advent calendar each year?

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