Friday, November 19, 2010

Crafter's Night Out

I recently visited my local Paper Source to take one of their monthly classes. Right now PS is offering workshops on DIY holiday decor and wrapping gifts. I stopped in at a session called Crafter's Night Out, which had us make gift containers in different styles.

This little snowman was a tiny version of a takeout box decked out with bits of construction paper and red-and-white pipe cleaners. We also did some pretty basic stamping, embossing, and gluing to make the above projects. For these it's all a matter of getting the right materials. For the plaid clad box you'll want this square favor box. The others can be found in stores.

One of the simplest projects, and my personal favorite, is this paper name card holder that creates a pouch. To make one of your own, grab a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. You'll want to use one that's attractive on both sides — to make demonstrating easier I've used paper that is blank on one side. Fold the paper in half "hamburger style," meaning you want a short squat folded paper, not a long skinny one (which would be "hotdog style"). Fold two corners in toward the center crease to create a paper airplane look:

Rotate the paper so the "airplane" points up, then fold up the flap of extra paper extending below the triangle. Crease it. What you'll get looks like a little hat.

Pull both ends of the bottom in toward each other. Tuck one end into the other. Use double-sided tape to secure. It helps if you apply the tape before you start carefully tucking the flap.

You now have what looks like an envelope that has no bottom inside. Reach in and use your fingers to grab the flap lying flush within the envelope. Pull it towards the tucked-in front. Be sure to press down with your fingers to create a make-shift paper bowl at the bottom. Now you can put treats in the envelope.

The brown version we made in class shows how you can tuck a place card or other note into the front of your creation. Also, fill that interior pocket with goodies like wrapped candies, pistachios, saltwater taffy, or dried flowers. In class we accented ours with a bit of ribbon and a paper leaf. We punched notches at the tip of the triangle to help keep the ribbon in place.

My motto? I take classes so you don't have to. Are there any classes in your area you'd recommend to a friend?

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  1. These are adorable! I'm making quite a few jewelry gifts this year and these will be perfect packaging! Thanks for the idea.



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