Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Giveaway Winner: Happy Birthday Host-It Notes!

Congratulations to megan and jorsulak! You've both won an Eric Carle birthday party kit in our Happy Birthday Host-It Notes Friday Giveaway! To enter our random drawing, readers had to tell us their favorite children's book.

Megan said, "My favorite (at the moment:) is "1 2 3 to the Zoo" a counting book by Eric Carle! No kidding! It's a great one:) This is currently my daughters' [M (28mo)& Em's(6.5mo)] favorite book (and by favorite, I mean I read it 3+ times per day, before naps and bedtimes:) I had no idea there was an E.C. party kit. Awesome!"

Jorsulak said, "Growing up my favorite children's book is The House that Had Enough by P.E. King. I think it was a golden book. It was a cute little story about a girl who did not take care of her things and everything, including her house, ran away. The only thing that stayed with her was her pillow. Strangely, you would think that as an adult, that book would have made me a more organized person. Not so! Any day now I'm sure everything in my messy closet is going to walk out while I am at work! It's a great book though, I still have a copy. :-)"

Thank you for entering our contest, and congratulations on your win! Have any Host-It Notes readers ever thrown a party based on themes from a book?

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  1. Yay! Thank you! I'll be sure to send birthday pics your way!



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