Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Sports-Themed Baby Shower for Girls

Host-It Notes reader Liz has some tricky party planning to do and turned to us for inspiration. Here's what Liz had to say:

I'm throwing a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law. We've decided to do a coed shower so my brother can invite his work friends, and it's going to be on January 23 so the guys can watch football. They're having a girl, so I want to pick a theme that won't alienate the guys but will still make my sister-in-law feel that she's actually having a shower. Any ideas how to incorporate "shower" into a football party? I'm coming up blank besides doing a pink football cake.

Girls, sports, co-ed, football—you've got a lot going on at this party! Kick off the excitement by sending out invites that set the tone. Try creating narrow invitations that look like game day tickets. Or type the information out and cut the paper in the shape of a sports pennant.

Baby showers for little girls inevitably turn our minds to pink. To fit better with the football fun, avoid pastels. Instead pick out bold, but girly, colors that give great energy to a room. Look for gem and candy tones—magenta, bright yellow or orange, or bold turquoise or purple. There's no need to incorporate the football team's colors unless both parents are mega-fans. Instead, take your hot colors and incorporate them into your decorations. Balloons and confetti are always festive but consider getting crafty too. Sew brightly colored bunting to hang along a wall. For a simple, sporty craft, use stiff felt to cut out long pennant flags in your colors. Use felt letters to spell out the baby's name (if known), the parents names, and "It's a Girl!" or "Go girl!" then hang your pennants on the wall. Use pretty ribbons tied to the end of painted dowels to create rooter pom poms guests can use to cheer on the football game and shower games alike. Cut and sew colorful felt into oversized gloves shaped to look like those giant foam #1 fingers. A few pink megaphones in varying heights could make a fun centerpiece—stick gerbera daisies in different colors in the mouthpieces. I found some hot pink megaphones online here. If you can, try to score containers like the glitter pails below, which you can turn into great centerpieces, use as the base of a gift basket, or just serve up some treats in. According to a company rep, your best chances of finding them are at The Container Store and Hobby Lobby. Finally, click here for some football centerpiece inspiration. A creative crafter cut holes in actual sports balls to turn them into centerpieces stuffed with baby toys!

Tailgating food meets baby shower when you make "baby bites" of your favorite game time snacks. Food to consider: chicken wings, mini-sliders, jalapeno poppers, baby corndogs or pigs in a blanket served with toppings like relish and onions to give them that stadium hotdog flavor. What about fries? Turn sheets of paper in bold colors and pretty patterns into cones to serve the fries in (line with wax or parchment paper to keep grease from soaking through). Want nachos? Try cooking chopped onion in a tablespoon of olive oil and season with a few pinches of garlic, salt and cumin and chili powders. Transfer the onion and spice mixture to your food processor and add a can of rinsed, drained black beans. Puree until blended and mostly smooth. Use a spoon (or pipe through a pastry bag) to drop a dollop of bean mixture into individual Tostito Scoops. Top with shredded cheese and heat in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese melts and the beans are warmed through. You can even top them with a little shredded lettuce, salsa and/or sour cream. Voila, easy to eat bite-sized nachos!

A football cake is indeed a good idea, or you can use ribbon/felt to make tiny pennants to top a traditional cake. Place bowls of rainbow-colored candy (like Skittles, fruit licorice, Starburst, and lollipops) around the room for snacking game watchers with a sweet tooth. All the football watching may not leave much room for traditional shower games, but it would be fun to include games that play on your sports and baby themes. Can your guests score a "field goal" by flicking a pacifier between two baby bottles at the other end of the table? Plus, guests can always bet on the game, and those who choose the correct winner take home a small prize.

Does anyone else have inspiration or ideas for Liz? Got a question about your own party? Leave a comment, or email your question to hostess @ host-itnotes.com.

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  1. Such great advice. I love the ticket-shaped invite idea.



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