Thursday, December 16, 2010

How The White House Does The Holidays

When it comes to show-stopping holiday decorations, it's hard to beat the White House. What other residence has room for all those trees? Host-It Notes reader, Jess, recently took a tour of the White House while it was all dressed up for Christmas, and she's sharing the pics so we can enjoy them too. Thanks for the cyber tour, Jess!

The tour starts downstairs where you see the Gift of Service Tree, which is decorated with ornaments from every branch of the Armed Services. In this room they have postcards and pens for guests to write letters to soldiers stationed overseas. There is even a big blue mailbox in the room for everyone to drop their cards into.

Next is the Gift of Child's Joy Room, which might remind you of Who-ville with its bright colors and lights. They even have a big Bo, the Obamas' dog, made completely out of pipe cleaners.

Upstairs, is the East Room, which is where you see Obama giving his indoor press conferences. That room is decorated in blues, golds and peacock feathers—very elegant.

Following the East Room is the Green Room, which is decorated in recycled materials. Fitting for the Green Room, no? Almost all of the decor is made from old books and magazines, including magazine Christmas trees like these from Martha Stewart online. Click here for the tutorial to make your own!

Next is the Blue Room, which is where the main White House Tree is. It is an 18 1/2 foot tall Douglas Fir tree from Crystal Spring Tree Farm in Lehighton, PA. The tag on the tree says, "Gift of American Spirit."

After the Red Room, which is fairly sparsely decorated, comes the State Dining Room. The room can seat 140 guests for dinner, and the chandeliers, though silver, were guilded by Jackie Kennedy during the Kennedy Presidency. In this room you'll also find the traditional White House Gingerbread House. It is made of gingerbread and white gold and prominently features Bo, the White House dog.

The tour ends in the Grand Foyer, where everything is decorated in crystal and lights and red and silver.

Isn't it opulent?! Wouldn't you love to have just one of these pretty trees to show off?

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