Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Themed Trees Versus Keepsake Ornaments

As I mentioned yesterday, I was just at Pottery Barn scooping up solid ideas for holiday hostessing and decorating. Whenever I'm at a store like PB, I covet their trees, which are decorated in themes. Lovely color schemes, matching ornaments, trees full of stars, woodland creatures or ribbons—I love it! I hope to have a catalog-worthy tree someday, if just for one year.

As you unwrap your ornaments, though, you'll likely find you can't bear to leave some of your favorite ornaments off the tree. Maybe they remind you of your childhood or of cherished memories with your family. They might be souvenirs of a wonderful trip you took, or a gift from a loved one. How do you incorporate these treasured ornaments and still achieve the look you want? I've got a few ideas for you:

  • Hang a single ornament from a ribbon on the back of each chair at the dining table. It looks pretty, and sharing the history of each ornament makes for a fun table topic.
  • Showcase favorite ornaments grouped together on a side table. You can also mix in attractive holiday cards you've received.
  • Hang ornaments from a chandelier.
  • Tuck ornaments into a wreath and display it on your door.
  • Arrange a few of them in a shadowbox frame to display on the wall or your mantel.
  • Incorporate ornaments in your centerpieces and floral arrangements.
  • Hang a sentimental ornament above each stocking on the mantel.

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