Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pizza From the Heart

I had so much fun making Valentine's Day bento boxes this week—I wasn't ready to put the heart-shaped cookie cutters away just yet. I decided to put a little extra love into dinner by making a heart-themed pizza or two. I took the larger heart cutter to a few slices of salami. Tip: For a cleaner cut try a dense meat with little fat or keep a paring knife on hand for fattier slices. Feeling brave? Freehand your hearts using kitchen shears!

I took a tiny heart cutter to a jarred roasted red bell pepper with great results! The fresh pepper holds the shape beautifully, but you might lose a bit of the look after cooking. I thought artichoke hearts were appropriate for my hearty pizza too. Who can resist wordplay in their food?

Try making heart pizza for a low-key V-day dinner with some extra fun. What will you be savoring on Valentine's Day this year?

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