Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shopworthy: Blue Bell Bazaar

Vintage Chalkboard ($87)

Alas, if only I were in Chicago. Then I could check out all 7400 square feet of vintage goods and nifty finds at Blue Bell Bazaar (2229 S. Halsted, Chicago). Instead, I've been combing through the online offerings in BBB's Etsy shop, Here's what I'm coveting:

First of all, more parties should have bingo. And you could get creative figuring out what you want your bingo balls to look like! Second, I'm dying to get a bingo cage and fill it with blown-out eggs for Easter! Vintage Metal Bingo Cage ($76)

Chandelier Painting ($67)

Antique Camera by Kodak ($58)

I dig this painting's vibe. Perhaps because we have the same glasses? 1970s oil painting ($59)

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