Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eye Candy from Tofu Cute

I've just discovered Tofu Cute, an adorable UK-based online shop full of ultra-cute Asian accessories, stationery and toys. Their products are perfect for dessert-themed parties, tea time, and kawaii kids parties. All I can say is, "More, please!" Up top: Sweet Petites Pearl Macaron Charm, £2.99

Kawaii Tea-Bag Memo Note Set, £1.99

Kawaii Fried Egg Plush Keychain, £2.99

Super Long Kawaii Food Sticker Sheet, £2.50

Dim Sum Kawaii Buns Mini Card / Gift Tag, £0.75


  1. This post reminds me of a new-ish store in San Francisco called Daiso. Apparently a huge corporation in Japan, they're branching out to the US. Lots and lots of random, small stuff, ranging from hand sanitizer to shoe horns to stationery to party supplies. Whenever I'm in the area I stop by and see what new ransoms stuff they have. Fun place. Check it out.

    It's at 570 Market -- right near the Montgomery BART/MUNI station.

  2. I love Daiso! Remember the bento box post? http://bit.ly/ii3tIS I got some of my cute bento boxes for a steal there.



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