Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Traying Up

In my living room you'll find a giant ottoman in lieu of the standard functional coffee table. Consequently, I've developed an obsession with trays. Trays keep our drinks upright, corral our magazines and remotes, and hold my chips and salsa. In short, my life would be pretty glum without my collection of trays.

To feed my addiction, I popped by Fish's Eddy while in NYC last week. Fish's Eddy is one of my favorite stores, and I always find something to love there. This time I picked up the sweet little "Admit One" ticket tray above, perfect for a carnival party. Above are some of my favorite trays, all of which are available online at While you're there, check out their vintage-looking storage containers. I have a set that pulls double duty as both storage and cereal bowls. I adore them!

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