Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Camera Bags for Babes

Sweet mamacita! Here's some good news for budding photographers/bloggers/obsessive photo takers. This may be the first fashion-eque post I've ever done, not counting my frequent coverage of aprons. I'm just so pleased looking at these that I want to share.

Ellie over at Less Cake {More Frosting} just got herself a new bag. It's a purse. For her camera. It's lined in houndstooth. And I'm in love with it. I want this bag. I covet this bag. You can find this bag at Jo Totes, where they had the genius idea to make camera bags that look awesome, rather than like a piece of equipment. Also, check out Ellie's makeover of her bag (she gives it even more oomph) here.

As for me, I'll start saving my pennies to buy one (they're $89). Which do you think—mustard (they call it marigold) or teal?


  1. Love that bag! So cute. It's great to see someone designing pretty bags for photographers. Now I just have to buy more photo stuff to fill it!

  2. I love these! I have seen Jo Totes do some giveaways via other craft blogs. I'll keep my eyes peeled (gross! I hate that saying!) and let you know if I see another.

    PS Go for the mustard :)



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