Monday, May 2, 2011

A Mother's Day Tea

Mark your calendars! Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th. I invited my mother over for an early celebration this year and put together a pretty little tea table in her honor. This tablescape was inspired by women's dressing tables. Growing up I loved playing with my grandmother's mirrored vanity tray. It was always filled with perfume bottles, powder puffs, and beautiful silver trinkets. With this in mind, I wanted to give my table just a touch of vanity style.

I started with a flat mirror to mimic a tray. In addition to my serveware (teapot, chafing dish, cookie trays), I incorporated a few feminine details. I got these gorgeous Oleg Cassini perfume bottles during a recent ideeli sale. They've never been used for perfume. Instead, I filled them with salt and pepper!

For something sentimental I placed a pearl necklace on the table. These pearls were handed down to me by my mother, and I wore them on my wedding day. Another vanity-like touch? The vase the flowers are in is actually a toothbrush holder!

Check out these delicious sweets. They're from the kitchen magicians at Batter Bakery, and include Rosemary Brown Butter Shortbread, Macaroons, Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and their signature Sand Angels. In addition to the treats, I cooked up a tasty sausage egg bake.

As an added touch (and to make my walls less boring), I hung two of my silver trays behind the table. Trays like this would make a great base for a similar tea table in the future.

If you want to make a vanity tray themed tea table of your own there are plenty of other details you can use such as hand mirrors, small picture frames and perfume atomizers. Give items a new life—tie ribbons on your jewelry hanger as decor, place sugar cubes in a ring holder, heap candies in a new soap dish, or pin brooches to ribbon to make napkin rings.

Finally, isn't my mother just darling?! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


  1. Great post! Just beautiful!

  2. awesome...what a way to make your (our) mom feel special :)

  3. Oh wow what a nice mother's day. Just saw this will show her it on Monday. Great Job.

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