Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, Hello Friend!

Maker Fair was last weekend! What did I buy at the Bazaar Bizarre, you ask? Honestly, there was not much that really knocked my socks off. Perhaps I've been around the handmade circuit too long. But I did pick up some really fun stuff from Oh, Hello Friend (www.ohhellofriend.com). I haven't taken my own pics so I borrowed from the Oh, Hello Friend blog to illustrate. I picked up a set of tiny air mail envelopes like the one seen above to use as name cards at a future party. My favorite though, was the baggie of wooden to/from tags I purchased. They look like smaller versions of these magnets shown below. The hot air balloon is to die for! Check out their blog to get an idea of what Oh, Hello Friend has to offer (their Etsy shop only seems to have the jewelry, but I'm sure they could sell you some tags if you reach out to them). Love it! Best in show!

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