Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Banish Your Wrinkles

I have a new tool in my arsenal these days. When I'm staging a photo shoot, rarely am I at home where I can smooth the wrinkles out of a tablecloth in a jiff with my iron. This past weekend, I was putting together a shoot in a commercial space using a tablecloth that had just arrived that day. Straight from the package, it was the most wrinkled cloth I'd ever faced! Thankfully I remembered to pack my Steam Fast fabric steamer. This was its first outing, and I had great luck getting out those nasty wrinkles with its super steamy power. It took a few refills to get all the steam I needed, but I can't complain! If you hate to iron you might consider one for yourself.

Okay, that's it! I don't like to get all product-recommendation crazy on Host-It Notes, unless of course it's something like a cute cupcake maker. Which naturally, everyone needs, right?!

What are your favorite tools that smooth the way on a big day?

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